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PIR LIGHT sandwich panel with rigid polyurethane core is coated in steel cladding. It guarantees thermal stability (aging lambda at 0.022 W/mK) with thinner panels. The ” Cold storage joint” (labyrinth joint) used makes the panels maintain the highest tightness and continuity of thermal insulation.

The panel is capillary-inactive and practically non-absorbent. It is a perfect solution for those who need a wall sandwich panel, retaining all its qualities as an external cladding, including a good insulator, but in an economical version.

Its huge advantage is lightness – comparable to boards with a polystyrene core. At the same time, PIR Light provides better thermal conductivity when using a thinner version of the panel (60 instead of 100 mm).

PIR LIGHT sandwich panels are characterized by:

  • stability of thermal parameters – with aging lambda at 0.022 W/mK;
  • great resistance to soaking and capillary inactivity (no water rising);
  • lightness make the panels an excellent alternative to those with a polystyrene core;
  • the economical solution while maintaining the most important functions of a PIR sandwich panel;
  • highly resistant to mold and fungal infestation, and even nesting by vermin (insects, rodents, or birds).
Designation PIR LIGHT sandwich panel
Core Rigid polyurethane foam, PIR (nominal apparent density: 37 kg/m3)
Cladding thickness [mm] 0.4
Steel grade S250GD
Coat SP Polyester 25 μm, SP Polyester 15 μm
Effective width [mm] 1150
Overall width [mm] 1170
Panel length [mm] 2500 – 18000
Core thickness [mm]506080100
Weight [kg/m2]
Insulating efficiency, Uc [W/mK]0.480.370.280.22
External fire performanceFR*
Reaction to fireB-s2,d0

* Fire-resisting

Panel lengthPanel sideCladding thickness [mm]Profiling **Coat
Min. [mm]Max. [mm]SP PolyesterSP Polyester Mat PearlCesarPVC (Foodsafe)AluzincStainless steel

**Profiling abbreviations:
L – Lined (different than for PIR Standard and PIR Plus wall panels)

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