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The sandwich panel with a mineral wool core is a non-combustible material. It can be used wherever there are increased fire protection requirements. The MW FIRE panel is available in the thickness range from 100 to 240 mm, and thanks to a unique gasket, it has obtained fire resistance classes that other panels from the MW family have not been able to obtain. This means it is possible to use thinner boards compared to, for example, MW STANDARD or MW LIGHT.

The MW FIRE board is characterized by:

  • The best fire resistance classes among all boards from the Balex Metal offer.
  • Additional protection thanks to the gasket, which expands in fire conditions due to high temperature and increases the tightness of the connection in the lock, which improves the parameters of fire insulation and fire tightness.
  • Durability thanks to anti-corrosion coatings, which, in the case of the Cesar 55 coating, can be used in corrosive environments up to category C5.
  • Acoustic insulation at the level of 32 dB.

NameMW FIRE wall sandwich panel
Coremineral wool (nominal apparent density 110 kg/m3)
Cladding thickness [mm]0,5 / 0,6 / 0,7
Steel gradeS250GD
CoatSP Polyester, SP Polyester Mat Pearl, Food Safe PVC(F), Aluzinc+Easyfilm, Cesar 55
Effective width [mm]1000, 1100
Overall width [mm]1020, 1120
Panel length [mm]2500 – 15000
Core thickness [mm]100120150175200240
Panel weight [kg/m2]19,822,025,328,130,835,2
Insulating efficiency, Uc [W/m2K]0,400,340,280,240,200,17
Fire resistance (horizontal)to EI 90 (6,0 m) / to EI 60 (7,5 m)  to EI 120 (6,0 m) / to EI 90 (7,5 m) to EI 180 (6,0 m) / to EI 120 (7,5 m)  to EI 240 (4,0m) / to EI 180 (7,5 m) 
External fire resistanceFire-resisting
Reaction to fireA2-s1,d0
Panel length Panel sideCladding thickness [mm]Profiling**Coat
min. [mm]max. [mm]Sp poliesterSp poliester Mat PearlCesar“foodsafe”alucynk
2500 15000outer0,5 / 0,6 / 0,7M / L / R / G / 1L / 2Lx xx
inner0,5 / 0,6 / 0,7L / G x x x

**Profiling abbreviations:

L – Lined
M – Microprofiling
R – Grooving
G – Plain
1L – Clearline
2L – Double Clearline

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