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SIP Panels from oriented strand board OSB

SIP panel consists of oriented strand board OSB and expanded polystyrene.

We sell SIP panels. Sip panels can be used to assemble the desired building structure.

SIP Shields from Cement Board CDP

SIP panels made of cement-particle board (CDP) are particularly suitable for the installation of special structures with strict fire requirements (the boards belong to the group of highly flammable materials). Due to their good sound insulation properties, the panels can be used where noise protection is taken care of. The panels are resistant to insects and mold.


Sip panel production trade, milling according to individual orders. Manufacture of standard panels.

Standard SIP panels

We sell manufactured and milled standard panels: 2500x1250 2800x1250 3000x1250

Custom manufacturing

According to the project we can produce sip panel sets

Cut over

We can perform cut over according to individual order

SIP panels for residential houses, auxiliary buildings

Wall, roof construction

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